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One of the most important aspects of a marketing automation solution is the ability to automatically capture leads from all the various campaigns and touch points, continue to nurture leads and score them accurately throughout the lead-to-sales lifecycle. The lead management process also assists marketing and sales organizations to improve and align their lead-to-sales process for better lead prioritization and quality. RightWave's solution provides a seamless integration with customers CRM applications specifically Salesforce and NetSuite. For more information on our CRM Integration, please click here. Through automation and integration, Sales and Marketing will gain better insight into lead progression, increase sales productivity and shorten sales cycles.

Effectively Capture Leads from all Channels

Over the last few years, companies have come to value the power of one central marketing solution. Tracking the activity from all marketing campaigns and touch points – establishing your marketing database – is one of the main advantages of a complete marketing automation solution.

Build Deeper Intelligence on Prospect Behavior

Lead nurturing is the most cost effective way to move potential customers through the early stages of the lead-to-sales lifecycle. Staying top-of-mind is essential and marketers who utilize engagement behavior to target and segment their databases, see increased response rates and decreased unsubscribes. RighWave's sophisticated segmentation capabilities allows companies to successfully score highly variable and complex behavior from every touch point – whether prospects on a list, clicks on a webpage, or visits to a trade show booth. This means differences in quality, quantity, level of interest, timing, buying cycle, needs and much more. RightWave can capture, nurture and score all of these variables accurately and quickly and move them appropriately into the CRM application.

Deliver the Right Leads Faster

RightWave's technical marketing experts will work with your marketing team and sales team to establish the best lead scoring process for your company and ensure successful results.

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Successful integration between your marketing automation solution and CRM solution is critical to the success of the overall lead-to-sales lifecycle. Because RightWave has developed a sophisticated marketing database that cleanses, appends, scores and filters marketing data accurately, only your high quality leads enter the CRM system ensuring data quality across both marketing and sales solutions. In addition, the RightWave solution, delivers a closed loop allowing sales valuable insight into each lead before they even place a sales call. For more information on RightWave’s robust reporting and analytics, click here.