Why Consider Marketing Automation as a Service™ (MaaS)

Since the B2B buying cycle often lasts months and spans multiple touches across many different channels, can companies really afford another six months on top of that to implement, train, hire, and develop the internal processes necessary to run these applications before you're even able to launch the first campaign?

With RightWave, you don't have to wait.

High Cost of Ownership

Many solutions have a high cost of ownership which includes software purchase, implementation, training, staffing and consulting costs.

RightWave provides an all-inclusive solution with a simple flat monthly fee and dedicated technical marketing experts. There is no implementation, training or staffing costs. RightWave's product and campaign expertise allows customers to come up-to-speed quickly and easily and leverage marketing automation best practices that inherently exist with RightWave.

No Software to Buy

Traditionally, marketing automation has lengthy and complex implementations which can take six months or more to fully implement. According to a report by Raab Associates, "Vendors recognize that the greatest barrier to wider adoption of marketing automation is that many marketers cannot take advantage of system capabilities. To address this, vendors continue to add professional services, both in-house and through partners, for clients who can pay for direct assistance." B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Report, Raab Associates Inc.

With RigthWave's MaaS model, these barriers go away. The RightWave model is straight forward and flexible with an all-inclusive fast and easy implementation that provides ROI from the very first month of adoption. Many of our customers are up-and-running within a week and customers requiring complex or customized CRM integration within a month.

Marketers maintain complete control with real-time visibility through RightWave’s marketing dashboard to see how campaigns are performing, adapt for better results and analyze for future campaign success. Marketers can also segment any of their data to create focused campaigns, establish better buyer intelligence, and analyze lead quality and lead-to-sales success.

No Staff to Hire and Train

Many of today’s marketing solutions require extensive training for marketers to learn these often difficult-to-use products and many require companies to hire a technical marketing person in order to maximize their marketing automation solution – increasing the overall cost and commitment.

With RightWave, marketers can focus on what truly makes marketing successful – put their efforts into strategy, planning, content, and desired results - and let their marketing automation solution be their workhorse.

Dependence on IT Infrastructure

Marketing automation can put a large strain on IT departments to implement, integrate and run these applications. Furthermore; if companies don’t have the right expertise onboard, maximizing the solution will never happen.

The RightWave technical team has extensive product knowledge and knows how to maximize marketing automation for each customer; are experts at building and maintaining a central quality marketing database; are highly knowledgeable and successful at CRM integration; and can provide customers with invaluable best practices knowledge. RightWave delivers these key factors of successful marketing automation to each and every customer.

MaaS Truly Delivers

With RightWave, you implement your marketing automation solution easier, launch campaigns faster, ensure data quality and successful integration, and accurate reporting and analysis.

With RightWave, your overall marketing costs go down, resource constraints go away, marketing productivity goes up, and overall marketing ROI and sales success increase.