On-Demand Webinars

Significantly increase the ROI of your marketing by improved Data Quality Governance

During this 45-minute webinar, viewers will learn:

  • What are the most common marketing databases quality issues
  • How to improve ROI of your marketing efforts significantly with better data quality
  • How to increase your target segments’ effectiveness with a few simple tasks in less than a month
  • How to identify gaps and buy data most cost-effectively
  • Data Quality Governance (DQG) best practices, time tested strategies and case studies

All you need to know about CASL and Opt-in Compliance in 30 minutes

During this 30-minute webinar, viewers will learn:

  • Everything you must know about CASL
  • An overview of other prominent International Anti-Spam laws
  • Timeline and potential impact of non-compliance
  • What should you do to satisfy most of these legislations*

Strong Data is the Key to Great Marketing

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • How to trust collected data
  • What constitutes a marketing database
  • How to build a strong database of customers and prospects
  • How to make marketing data actionable

How to Know When It’s Time for Marketing Automation

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • The limitations of e-mail marketing
  • The benefits of 360° view reporting
  • How a defined lead-management process improves the bottom line

Is Your Marketing Automation Working For You?

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • How MaaS can work for marketing, rather than marketing working for the automation tool
  • How to rapidly adopt key system capabilities
  • How MaaS makes it easy to run sophisticated campaigns

Accelerate Sales with Great Lead Nurturing

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • Lead nurturing basics
  • Steps to quality lead nurturing success
  • How to include customer nurturing
  • How to integrate marketing automation technology

Eight Effective Practices of Quality Lead Management

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn how to:

  • Identify successful lead management steps
  • Create the right lead distribution process
  • Align marketing and sales teams
  • Establish quality data and integration practices
  • Bring lead nurturing into focus

5 Marketing Automation Shortfalls to Avoid

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn how to:

  • Successfully utilize resources
  • Address data management and marketing database challenges
  • Deliver proper integration with other CRM systems
  • Establish true 360° view for accurate reporting and analysis