A/B Testing Offers Great Value, Especially During Turbulent Times

Consider redoing all A/B tests. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the needs of both companies and their customers. Therefore, companies must rethink their methods of marketing to customers. A/B testing is a valuable way for businesses to improve their customer reach. A/B testing occurs when a company changes one variable on an outlet of theirs, such as a page on their website, and compares the customer responses they receive with and without the variable change (1).

RightWave recently conducted internal A/B testing by sending out the same email campaign regarding the registration for an upcoming webinar at two different times, Friday afternoon and Monday morning, and compared the results. Both the number of recipients who opened the email and the number of recipients who registered for the webinar from this email were higher on Friday afternoon. These results were surprising, but due to the widespread change in the work environment due to the pandemic, it is probable that people may have more availability on Fridays now than they had before. The timing of emails is only one example of a variable that can benefit from A/B testing. Any variable that a company suspects may cause a difference in customer acquisition can be tested.

The methods of testing are highly important for ensuring that the results are optimal. Only one variable should be tested at a time so that only the effects of that variable are observed (1). The variable in question should be tested to see whether the existing form performs better than the next best form (1). Additionally, the two samples being tested should be assigned to two random groups of subjects of the same size (2). The length of time over which the A/B testing occurs depends on the reach of the product being tested, so the test should occur until a sufficiently large number of people are sampled (2). If the proper methods are not employed, then the results will not be completely reliable.

If previous testing was completed before the pandemic, then it may be time to conduct more testing. Implementing this method may cause companies to regain customers who they would have otherwise lost.

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