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RightWave’s Marketing Automation as a Service™ (MaaS) provides B2B companies the ability to have successful marketing automation adoption without traditional lengthy and complex implementations, time-consuming hiring and training of marketing operations personnel and added consulting costs.

The RightWave model is straight forward with an all-inclusive fast and easy implementation that provides positive return on investment from the very first month of adoption.

Our combined technology and best-practices enable a flexible, sophisticated and successful marketing automation solution. Our highly trained digital marketing consultants are highly skilled and produce quality service that provide our customers return on their investment.

Customer success is our #1 business outcome and our commitment to excellence and quality is in everything we do!.

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RightWave named a 2019 Business APAC One-Stop IT Service & Solution Provider

Business APAC

In honoring RightWave, Business APAC noted that marketing departments play a significant role in promoting the business and mission of any B2B company. With the advent of state-of-the-art technologies, new marketing automation solutions are enabling companies to increase their sales and marketing efficiencies. This is where RightWave, Inc. comes into the picture with its comprehensive solution that covers all the aspects of marketing automation.

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RightWave CEO earns Owler 2017 Top-Rated CEO Award

Owler CEO Award

Owler has announced that Anurag Khemka, CEO of RightWave, Inc., has earned an Owler 2017 “Top-Rated CEO” Award. For the first time, Owler is honoring the top-rated CEOs on its platform. CEOs are rated by members of the Owler community who have collectively contributed more than a quarter million ratings this year.

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RightWave's webinar on Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

In a recent webinar, RightWave’s CEO & President, Anurag Khemka, a pioneer in marketing automation shared his knowledge on the history of spam and the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislations (CASL) which comes into effect from July 1st. Non-adherence by B2B marketers may result in individual and class action suits.

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B2B Marketing: Account Based Marketing (ABM) Demystified

In a recent article published in Silicon Review, RightWave’s CEO, Anurag Khemka explains the intricacies of Account Based Marketing (ABM) and its importance for B2B organizations.

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International Anti-Spam Rules

RightWave urges business-to-business digital marketers to observe international anti-spam laws. Campaigns, landing pages, and forms can easily be modified to work well in both opt-in and opt-out countries.

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RightWave- Revolutionizing Businesses With a New Approach to Marketing Automation

Appearing in Silicon Review is an article that features RightWave, Inc. It states that despite heavy investment business-to-business marketing organizations are struggling to get the expected ROI from Marketing Automation due to lack of skilled staff, insufficient processes, and complexity of data and systems.

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RightWave features in SR 2015 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies

Silicon Review has published the 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies and RightWave, Inc. features prominently in that compilation. We attribute our success to our Marketing Automation as a Service™ (MaaS) business model. Our teams provide expert campaign and lead management services and database design, quality, and growth. See the full story on PRLog.

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Silicon India article: Challenges in Calculating Marketing ROI

Appearing in Silicon India magazine is an informative article: B2B Marketer: Challenges in Calculating Marketing ROI written by RightWave CEO Anurag Khemka. The focus is on the beneficial changes brought about by marketing automation.

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How RightWave Solves the Marketing Automation Skill Shortage

David Raab, renowned Consultant in Marketing Technology Anlaytics & the Principal at Raab Associates Inc., published the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool in 2013 explains how RightWave takes away the pain of B2B Marketers in running complex Marketing Automation Systems through it’s Marketing Automation As a Service (MaaS) Model.

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RightWave features in SI100

The Silicon India magazine recognized RightWave’s Marketing Automation as a Service (MaaS) as a resourceful tool for B2B Marketers empowering them to adopt complex marketing automation solutions without any technical know-how retaining their focus towards their marketing strategies and planning.

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Data Security and Protection

RightWave is committed in securing and preserving the privacy and integrity of its customers and their data. We understand and believe that data is of critical importance to our customers’ success and growth of their businesses. This section defines the security procedures adopted by RightWave for providing and ensuring multi level security to its customers’ data.

  • RightWave’s data and application servers are located at a remote location data center in US with secured and restricted access.
  • Access to RightWave data center is controlled and monitored through dependable and dedicated firewalls to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access to the data center and servers is secured through VPN network with dedicated monitoring and authentication.
  • Only authorized personnel have physical access to the servers which is controlled through security procedures like security card access and video surveillances.
  • Data transmission happens over authorized, secured and dedicated VPN network only.
  • RightWave’s core application is tested on world class security solutions and is well tested against any unsolicited usage and access.
  • RightWave has dedicated application servers for all its custom applications unless specifically asked for.
  • RightWave adheres to standards application development procedures.
  • RightWave follows a strict protocol of testing custom applications through a dedicated team and process.
  • All RightWave applications are regularly and periodically tested against any data loss caused due to infidelity or otherwise.
  • All RightWave proprietary applications are customized as per customers’ needs.
  • RightWave applications are secured through encryption and multi-layer login access to ensure access through authorized credentials only.
  • Our multi layered application and data access is controlled through IP, Domains and Login Sessions.
  • All customer data is stored and secured in separate databases.
  • Customer database access is protected by individual and controlled login sessions.
  • RightWave maintains a strict procedure to ensure periodic backup of all customer databases.
  • Database backups are managed and destroyed as per the backup protocols and maintenance procedures.

All RightWave employees in US and India are required to sign non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements. Each employee is bound by the terms of the agreement that restricts and prohibits unsolicited use and/or sharing of any proprietor or customer information at any time during the employment and for a fixed tenure after the employment is over.