Andrea Conti


Hiring B2B Digital Marketers

Business-to-Business (B2B) digital marketers are essential to business marketing strategy for promoting lead generation and reaching new audiences. A company’s digital presence is significant as it heightens brand awareness and increases the reach to the target audience. An advantage of using digital marketers is building brand awareness by using social media and other campaigns that…

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Enhancing B2B Marketing’s Relationship with Customer Service

Renewals and Referrals result from inter-department collaboration between marketing and customer service for positive end-to-end customer experiences. Much has been said and written about the Marketing/Sales relationship; the Marketing/Service relationship is equally important. The partnership between marketing and customer service increases the continuity of information to customers while boosting the services’ integrity. This strengthens trust…

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Choosing Nurture or Drip Campaigns for B2B Marketing

As marketers managing brands and knowing when to use a drip or nurture email campaign can be a complex decision. Understanding the campaign goal  and what the  audience looks for is essential. If the strategy is to send emails regardless of the recipient’s interaction, then use a drip campaign. If the preference, though, is to…

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On-Demand Webinar: 5 Actions to Increase Marketing Ops Impact on Business Value

As marketing organizations respond to the changing environment, B2B companies must adapt quickly. Results-oriented marketing continues to be challenging as top influencers are more engaged in the decision-making, and as prospective buyers develop more insights, the market’s expectations continue to rise. With every marketing dollar buying less in this time of inflation and difficulties in…

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