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Campaign Execution

RightWave offers a comprehensive services package to penetrate marketing efforts at every level ranging from regional product/services promotions to global marketing campaigns. Our team is equipped with the detailed intricacies of marketing campaign execution with a thorough knowledge of different marketing tools coupled with best of the industry practices and technological developments.

We are committed to executing your marketing campaigns across platforms, language and geographical barriers whenever and wherever you need, providing you the bandwidth to focus on your marketing strategies and cutting down on costs on campaign execution logistics with improved efficiency, results and lower sales costs.

RightWave campaign execution services includes the following range of activities to meet and support your marketing needs, explore more by clicking on any of the links below:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

RightWave delivers global email marketing campaigns with a proven track record of user targeting and deliverability.

These services are designed to get the most out of email campaigns using the latest tools, techniques, and best industry practices. The RightWave marketing operations and analytics teams constantly keep a close watch on the following campaign metrics:

      • CAN – SPAM compliance
      • A/B Testing
      • Content validation
      • Opt-in rules
      • Deliverability
      • Segmentation and targeting
      • Structuring for maximize response
      • Email analytics

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing

With the advent of the internet, customers are constantly looking for an unprecedented level of information at their disposal. Over the last few years, this has become a powerful medium of communicating and interacting between businesses and customers across the globe.

RightWave has proven excellence in executing multi-channel marketing through relevant content delivery to targeted prospects/customers. These services empower marketers to overcome the technological challenges and enhance touch points with customers and prospects.

With RightWave, marketers focus on the strategic, creative aspects and desired results of a campaign while RightWave builds, tests, and executes the campaign.

In addition to a compelling and well-segmented campaign, there are many technical logistics that need to be considered in order for campaigns to execute successfully.

RightWave takes care of:

      • Addressing spam filter issues
      • Ensuring a consistent email view from all environments – email clients and web email programs
      • Assessing email penetration success – did the email make it to the individual’s inbox
      • Meeting compliance with applicable anti-spam regulations
      • Monitoring the activity on your email campaign
      • Doing A/B testing
      • Capturing critical information for your next campaign’s success

Build Deeper Intelligence

As more of the B2B buying process has shifted to the web, marketers are realizing they need deeper intelligence into prospect interests and interactions. Reports on email opens and clicks are a good start, but most marketers realize their need to integrate insights into behavior across all marketing channels such as web, social, and email to truly gauge a prospect’s information needs and interest level.

Drip Marketing

Drip email marketing campaigns engage prospects and customers with a series of email messages delivered at scheduled intervals. For example, provide educational materials to a prospect once a week for three weeks. Over time, as people respond, marketers learn more about the propect’s needs and interests and are able to deliver desired content more effectively. RightWave technical marketing consultants can advise customers how to deliver superior drip marketing strategies.

Trigger Marketing

Trigger marketing strategies will help build deeper intelligence. Trigger emails are automated emails that are prompted by a specific action taken or not taken by a prospect or customer, or a time-related event. Examples of trigger email campaigns include registration confirmations, welcome or thank you emails, and abandoned shopping carts. This swift response makes trigger emails highly relevant to where the person is right now in the buying process – resolving a critical challenge for sales organizations. Responding quickly means catching people at the time they’re still actively thinking about the product or topic that triggered their action. RightWave technical marketing consultants can advise customers how to deliver high-quality trigger marketing strategies.

If a compelling multi-step, multi-channel campaign, can be envisioned, RightWave can implement and execute it for you.

Integrated Web Marketing – Inbound Marketing

The demands of today require that all marketing be supported by a cohesive, integrated web marketing effort. Also much of that focus has turned to inbound marketing including how to capture and interact with web visitors – the ability to capture and view a breakdown of which referring sites, search engines, and which organic visits are generating the highest volume of visitors.

RightWave will easily create the combination of forms, landing pages, micro sites, response pages, and other marketing web tools that allow visitors to be tracked, nurtured, qualified and integrated into overall marketing efforts. The RightWave team will manage all of this ensuring that web marketing efforts are integrated and valuable.

Campaign Optimization

With RightWave’s complete solution, campaigns are tracked and measured through the entire lead-to-sales lifecycle. Marketers have complete visibility at every stage to quickly assess and refine an existing campaign. They can stop and adjust an existing live campaign in progress or analyze the results for the next campaign. Together with RightWave, customers can manage their campaigns easily, leverage marketing best practices, and achieve optimal results.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

With so much to do in today’s marketing world especially with the onset of marketing automation, marketers face many challenges while meeting their business objectives. With a world-class marketing automation tool in-hand capable of delivering almost everything, marketers are gradually feeling the need to design a strategy covering different marketing mediums gradually resulting in more and more qualified leads.

While drip marketing just looks like another term for lead generation, it actually isn’t. As more commonly known, drip campaigns run through channels other than email marketing. Drip email marketing campaigns engage prospects and customers with a series of email messages delivered at scheduled intervals. For example, the email campaign could provide educational materials to a prospect once a week for three weeks. Over time, as people respond, marketers learn more about the prospect’s needs and interests and are able to deliver desired content more effectively. RightWave’s technical marketing consultants can advise customers on how to deliver superior drip marketing strategies and achieve better results over a period of time



Planning and fulfillment are complementary. The best plans are worthless without accurate and speedy fulfillment. Fulfillment without excellent planning results in errors that can backfire and lead to less engagement with prospects and customers.

RightWave’s proprietary Marketing Automation As a Service platform provides comprehensive solutions and services to support the most complex and diverse marketing strategies. RightWave’s proven expertise in the field of Marketing Automation opens a wide range of opportunities to fulfill our customers’ marketing needs and execute their plans; be it across channels, geo-locations or demographics. The RightWave team has both the experience and the ability to reach out to customers’ prospects based on strategies. RightWave consultants are flexible and adaptive to customers’ business plans and are able to match the pace and changes in their marketing needs.

RightWave’s EMarketing consultants work with the customer’s marketing staff to ensure that email campaigns, landing pages, webinar registrations, social media links, resource downloads, and all other tools of modern marketing are planned and implemented in a high-quality, efficient manner with attention to detail. RightWave provides easy-to-fill forms for each type of activity. Once an email message, landing site, or other tool is created, the customer’s staff members are provided an opportunity to check the results before the campaign is launched or the webpage made public.

RightWave’s simple and needs-based reporting solutions and abilities provide marketing staff members the ability to track down the minutest of details and draw plans accordingly. They can then assess the Return on their Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Once the activity has launched, RightWave provides the reports needed to make decisions about the effectiveness of the marketing effort. RightWave collects and provides the leads that are acquired and the statistics on opens, click-throughs, and answers to calls to action.