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Marketing Operations Services

Over the last ten years, RightWave has provided many businesses an ability to transform and increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by providing marketing database solutions. These solutions range from the standard segmentation, aggregation, and analysis of the marketing data to business-specific data augmentation, analysis, and reporting.

RightWave understands that the marketing database requirements of a marketing automation solution are a key component of product success. The process provides customers access to a clean, quality, secure, and accurate data analysis. The success of marketing automation often fails or is delayed because of poor database design and implementation.

RightWave merges data from all sources: SFA system, financial database, support database, and others. This process builds a powerful central marketing engine. The resulting database maintains prospect and customer information with all their valuable behavior profiles.

The consolidated database takes care of all marketing database needs. Our experts become an extension of your team to ensure all your requirements are outlined and implemented. From day one IT and marketing resource costs are reduced. RightWave aggregates the data from multiple sources, merges, purges, de-dupes, cleanses, and maintains the marketing database. This gives marketers the freedom to focus on effective marketing campaigns.

Marketers need to grow, maintain, and cultivate databases to drive revenue and maximize ROI. RightWave follows best database practices that result in effective marketing programs.

Data Quality Analysis

Data Quality Analysis

Data Quality Analysis (DQA) has always proved to be a challenging task. Data analysts need to learn the business purpose of the data. They need to talk to the users to understand how they work with data. With data pouring in faster than ever before, it is difficult to keep a handle on exactly what data is available and the quality of that data. The situation calls for regular data quality analysis. However, many organizations are understandably held back by the difficulty of building in-house solutions and the high cost of purchased systems.

Some of the characteristics of Data Quality Analysis:

Explorative – exploration of the problem domain as well as the current state of the data

Interactive – moving from overview to detail view and adjusting presumptions along the way

Temporary and non-persistent – analysis providing a snapshot of the current state as well as a set of recommended actions

Multi-sourced – analysis dealing with multiple data sources, such as databases, Excel spreadsheets, MS Access files, and others

Data Append

Data Append

RightWave’s Data Append Services help in using the information already available based on customer needs. In Marketing Automation as a Service, missing information can be supplied including email addresses, first and last name, phone, address, etc. No matter what information is missing, the append process works the same way. The customer sends Rightwave the known data. RightWave’s data experts find all possible information associated with the data. The customer receives a selection of information that meets its needs and budget.

Data Standardization

Data Standardization

Imagine a launch of an email campaign that will go to customers and prospects. The Target Audience is in the “United Kingdom”. Country is selected as “United Kingdom” and the launch is scheduled. The next day the marketing manager receives a email from the head of marketing asking why more than 70% of the target audience have not received the Email. A check shows that the country is stored as “UK”, ”England”, ”Britain”, or ”UnitedKingdom” for those records. This is where Data Standardization (DS) helps. With DS, the database will only have the standard values of country or any other field. Selecting “United Kingdom” now pulls all the records for the UK are selected and there are no unpleasant surprises.

DS can bring new customers and new business from existing customers. No longer will there be loss of new business from a promising lead because of a misspelling. DS helps retain and add customers, saves time and effort, makes ideas easier to implement, avoids unexpected behavior from the data, and prevents headaches. It is required for optimal data utilization. Data comes at a price, and that money is often wasted without standardization.DS is possible for RightWave’s automation tool and for Marketo and Eloqua.

  • DS is essential to marketing automation, and it is not limited to any particular set of fields. country, state, lead source, and other fields can be standardized.
  • DS helps in reporting as well, making reports easier to prepare, read and understand. For example, there is no need to search for all the possible names of a particular Industry.
  • Another positive effect of DS is that it helps in identifying junk values in the database.
  • A customer will initially provide complete data to RightWave and have it standardized. Then the customer sends new records periodically for standardization. DS expertise is available for for RightWave’s automation tool and for Marketo and Eloqua.
  • RightWave consistently delivers 98% of data in standardized/normalized form for the populated values of the fields.

  1. Data Standardization/Normalization Service: RightWave works with your marketing data, identifies standardization/normalization gaps, and then create a plan to address the shortcoming and these gaps. In this consultative engagement, the data is normalized manually and bulk-uploaded back to your Marketing database/system. The data will be updated through a manual batch process and to keep your data standardized, a weekly or monthly cadence can be specified. If you are using a Marketing Automation system, RightWave can also build automation campaigns to address some of the data normalization needs. Do note that the campaigns built in marketing automation systems may have the limitations inherent to the system and may not be able to do the job 100%.
  2. RightWave Data Normalizer Connector: RightWave also offers a Web Services based Connector for near real time data normalization. This connector can connect to most popular Marketing Automation systems using their outbound calling features (e.g. webhook in Marketo, and cloud action apps in Eloqua) and standardize/normalize each individual record in near real time and updates back your system using web services. The connector is designed to be extremely flexible, and can handle almost any normalization requirement (if that normalization logic can be written using a computational process). Connector is available with RightWave MaaS offerings for additional cost. Custom integration of this connector are also available for proprietary systems.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics are keys to business success. Without these functions, strategy and planning are futile.

Strategize only after Tracking, Measuring, and Analyzing

Marketing management is under constant pressure to demonstrate that the marketing budget is adding to the sales pipeline and company revenue. ROI has become a company-wide focal point. While a variety of tools are available to measure and track activity, analyzing the data and creating reports continues to be challenging. Businesses need to customize tracking and reporting. RightWave’s processes not only have the means to measure and track, but also to provide comprehensive reports. Armed with this data, marketing departments can determine what works and what does not. They can develop a winning strategy and convince management that dollars are being spent wisely.
There is no need for marketing departments to learn how to use reporting tools. RightWave provides the reports and customizes them to the needs of the customers. Reports can be made available on the RightWave Marketing Console to access live at any time, or sent in convenient Excel format on a periodic basis..

Multiple Data Feeds

RightWave has the ability to incorporate measurement data from a variety of sources, and combine all this information for superior decision-making.

Data are gathered about visitors’ interactions with the customer’s website (number of visits, webinar signups, whitepaper downloads, etc.), and responses to email campaigns. In addition, offline interactions such as tradeshow booth visits, breakfast seminar attendance, or meetings with sales representative are collected. In addition to this offline and online data, data from customer support centers, financial systems, SFA systems, or other corporate sources can also be incorporated into a comprehensive picture of the prospect. The lead can be followed to the point of conversion to a customer and beyond.

Business Intelligence for Budgeting and ROI

Proper and adequate measurement and source tracking can facilitate deeper level of analysis and business intelligence that indicates how to maximize your marketing dollars. What marketing activities have the greatest success in conversion, and ultimately what makes sales efforts more effective. The objective is to increase ROI and grow revenue. Business intelligence shows where to reduce your investments and where to increase focus to maximize the return on your investment. It can help understand trade-offs between spending on various online and offline initiatives.

Report Templates

RightWave’s comprehensive reports and charts provide marketing management with actionable business intelligence. Using this they can plan, make mid-course corrections, and budget for the future. RightWave has a large number of detailed and deep reporting templates, that can be customized to specific business needs.”