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Development Services

To gain a competitive edge, it is crucial to look at application solutions that help to connect the business across boundaries. The development services of RightWave help organizations in development, integration, and alignment of applications with their business across technologies. These applications can support entire business processes in complex scenarios and for dynamic business needs.

With a range of advanced application development models and frameworks in dedicated development centers around the globe, RightWave helps enable technology transformation across your organization.

Organizations across the globe are utilizing RightWave’s application development and integration services in

  • Creating an architectural roadmap
  • Designing and developing new applications
  • Enhancing existing applications
  • Integrating existing and/or newly built applications

As the strategic partner for our customers, RightWave enables them to accelerate business growth, reduce development costs, and enhance their customer experience

Portals & Microsites

Portals & Microsites

RightWave has proven expertise in portals and microsites that has significantly influenced the marketing ROI for its customers. Microsites are considered to be the most effective and dynamics means to keep the target audience engaged and drive marketing initiatives. RightWave is capable of designing custom portals and microsites to empower the marketing campaigns and other activities and drive better results. Microsite development services go inline with the existing company website retaining the overall look and feel, custom style sheets, and background scripts with a complete background management cutting effort and cost.

The most important benefits of microsites are

  • Increased awareness
  • More focused content
  • Faster development
  • Cost efficiency
  • Search effectiveness

Connect with RightWave to understand how portals and microsites can fit and empower marketing efforts.

Marketing Tools​

Marketing Tools

RightWave has developed and deployed custom marketing tools for large global corporations including VMWare, Cisco, and McAfee. The marketing tool development supports the customer’s product development, promotional strategies, and other actions that facilitate marketing initiatives.

RightWave has proven expertise in developing marketing tools in the following fields:

  • ROI Tools
  • Content-Based Tools
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Focus Group Surveys
  • Analytics Tools

Application Development

Custom Application Development

Often in the world of marketing automation, the  tools and applications to match specific requirements are not readily available. While a marketing automation tool can be easily obtained, it will not have the customization and flexibility of an in-house-developed application. RightWave can develop custom tools and customize purchased tools with an assurance of fulfillment, quality and cost effectiveness.

Business requirements change especially in technology businesses. RightWave is capable of providing scalable and dependable solutions to match ever-changing business requirements.

RightWave’s value proposition is greater flexibility, high customization, quality processes, logical solutions, and improving business ROI.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

RightWave has rich experience and expertise in Systems Integration solutions ranging from architecture to database implementation to support the backbone of a business. There is a need for integrating marketing systems and databases to collate all the marketing touch points including campaigns, web traffic, offline marketing, etc. RightWave’s services include consultancy, systems integration, and project management of integration initiatives.

Examples of integration include

  • CRM (Salesforce or NetSuite) to marketing automation (Eloqua, Marketo, RightWave)
  • Marketing automation to webinar tools (Go to Webinar, WebEx)
  • Consolidation of data from many source: engineering, finance, forums, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, sales, support, and user groups
  • Corporate website to development tools such as engineering change management and source code control when downloading software or documentation are provided on the website
  • Website to inventory and finance
  • Analytic data from RightWave’s tracking and third party tools including Google analytics

RightWave cooperates with the customer’s technology teams to strike an optimum balance from each company.