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RightWave is offering for free, its Comprehensive Marketing Assessment to qualified** organizations. Under this assessment highly trained and experienced RightWave consultants will meet your marketing, sales, and operations executives, review technology components that you are using, and analyze your technology-marketing infrastructure, various data sources, your lead quality process, and your reporting needs. RightWave will spend up to 4 hours collecting information on-site and additional up to 16 hours offsite analyzing the information collected to provide insights on the state of your database, lead management, effectiveness of your campaigns, and overall infrastructure. This analysis will also include recommendations that will help increase your overall Marketing Velocity, and return on your marketing investment – enabling your team to do more for less.

Strategy vs. Logistics

A marketer is expected to spend most of his/her time in strategy, planning, and business analysis, and is expected to spend minimal time on non-marketing tasks such as coordination of resources, retrieving data, understanding technology, working through the execution logistics etc. Ironically, in most organizations, often these non-marketing tasks take up most of a marketer’s time leaving only a smaller fraction of resources for strategic things and decisions that really make a difference. Through a suitable marketing services cloud, marketers can flexibly and on-demand interact with and use appropriate enabling technologies and resources without having to learn each and everything in detail. Benefits are obvious, with the right focus on strategic analysis and decisions, the effectiveness of everyday initiatives and efforts increases multifold.

What kind of questions will the assessment answer?

Even though RightWave’s Marketing Assessment is customized and personalized to each customer’s specific needs, here is a sample of questions from which you can expect to get insights in this assessment.

  1. Is your marketing infrastructure complete and optimal for your business use?
  2. Is your marketing database clean and designed to collect the information your business need?
  3. Are your SalesForce Automation (SFA) and Marketing Automation (MA) systems configured and integrated properly with each other as well as other infrastructure component?
  4. Are you following industry best practices for data stewardship and campaign execution (online and offline)?
  5. Are your marketing and sales initiatives in sync?
  6. What are the scope of improvements in current processes, are they working as desired?
  7. Is my marketing balanced between Customer and prospect marketing?
  8. Are your marketing initiatives being tracked all the way to revenue to generate accurate ROI reports?

Further Questions and Learn more:

If you have questions about RightWave’s “Marketing Assessment” either fill out our contact us form, or call us at (408) 423-8300.

**Free Assessment will be offered to qualified organizations only. Limited slots are available. Must apply to qualify. Must have an operational Sales Force automation system to qualify. Location, revenue, industry, solution relevance, BANT, and RFM analysis may impact qualification. RightWave reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time and change its qualification criteria. Once you apply, RightWave will let you know within 30 days if you have won, and the assessment must be scheduled within 60 days after notification of the winning entry. RightWave will need access to your SFA, MA, and other infrastructure platforms to gather data for completing the assessment. By Applying you will be opted in RightWave’s marketing database, and are agreeing that RightWave can contact you via email and/or phone to discuss your CRM and marketing infrastructure to assess qualification status.Your information and the results of the assessment will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

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Thank you , for your interest, an account manager will be in touch to discuss your qualification and to schedule a Marketing Assessment initial call. Please note that submission of this form does not entitle you a free marketing assessment. The free marketing assessment is subject to availability.

You will also receive confirmation of this submission via email. The email will come from "RightWave Marketing Assessment <>", and if you have any questions, please send an email to