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The ultimate goal of Marketing is to help sales increase revenue. Marketing needs to generate better leads so the sales can identify opportunities and then convert them to revenue faster. RightWave’s “Marketing Influence on Sales” analysis is a set of analytics that combine your SFA (Sales Force Automation) and MA (Marketing Automation) system data along with any other channel activity data, and identify the true impact of marketing on sales. It will give you:

  1. Historic view of Marketing and non-marketing influenced revenue – what share of the revenue is Marketing Influenced.
  2. Impact of Marketing Influence on opportunity sales cycle – How long does marketing Influenced opportunity take to win vs. non-marketing Influenced.
  3. Impact of Marketing Influence on opportunity size – How large are the marketing Influenced opportunities vs. non-marketing Influenced.
  4. Impact of Marketing Influence on opportunity win ratio – What percent of the marketing Influenced opportunities result in wins vs. non-marketing Influenced.
  5. Campaign ROI : Analysis will provide you with historical analysis of lifetime ROI from each campaign in terms of actual revenue closed as well as influences. Proration of revenue to each campaign in B2B environment is done to accommodate multiple campaigns influence on same opportunity.
  6. Channel ROI : If your campaigns are marked with appropriate channel information, our analysis will also provide you with a quarterly history and lifetime ROI analysis per marketing channel.
  7. Other marketing impact analysis on your funnel based on your lead status and opportunity stage life cycle.

How can you use this analysis? 

The true ROI of the Marketing initiatives is measured not just by how many leads are generated but also by how much revenue it helped close. Through this analysis you will know if your marketing is having a positive impact on sales’ productivity and performance, and by how much. We usually find that when a lead is marketing generated or influenced, higher percent of those leads convert into opportunities, higher percent of those opportunities are won through a shorter sales cycle, and many times even leads to higher average revenue. All these metrics provide strong reports justifying marketing investment. Our campaign and channel ROI reports clearly identify returns and ROI from each marketing initiative, so you can easily determine which of the channels should be further increased, and which should be either modified or decreased to increase overall marketing ROI.

RightWave makes it easy: 

In B2B environments where the selling cycle continues for weeks and months, multiple Marketing campaigns may influence an opportunity through multiple leads at different stages of the sales cycle. However, in SFA systems, only one marketing campaigns, either the first one or the last one can be given attribution, and many times, no campaign is given attribution because sales has created an opportunity from scratch, instead of converting an already existing lead. Such data discrepancies cause inconsistent and unreliable reporting of marketing influence through built-in reports in SFA systems.
RightWave has developed proprietary data massaging and analysis algorithms that take your SFA and MA data and analyzes all activity data against all opportunity data to identify true and consistent marketing influence, and create these reports. Even if your data in these systems is not consistently managed, our algorithms can fill most gaps in tagging and attribution and provide you with reliable influence analysis.
RightWave consultants will review your SFA and MA systems to understand the complete campaign, lead, and opportunity lifecycle, interview key sales, marketing, and operations executives (as needed), pull appropriate data, and generate these reports. They will work with you to identify any specific reporting requirement and customize the processing to meet that. The whole exercise can usually be completed in less than 2 weeks.

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