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Marketing Operations Services

RightWave’s marketing operations services comprises of five areas: CRM integration, project management, operations, configuration management, and system administration.

RightWave operates marketing automation systems to facilitate demand generation programs and campaigns and manage lead-to-customer life cycle to increase marketing ROI.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Without successful CRM integration, companies cannot provide a complete 360° view or deliver true ROI. In addition, without integration, any platform the corporation is using adds to the burden of disparate marketing information and limiting the creation of critical buyer intelligence and customer intelligence.

Proper integration is vital for sales reps to have the real-time intelligence they need to sell more effectively – the ability to view/track prospect web activity, email campaigns, and other marketing activites right from their sales system.

For marketing, integration ensures accurate data across marketing and sales, a 360° view, and the ability to analyze prospect behavior, increase customer retention, and deliver marketing ROI.

RightWave has a deep knowledge of the and NetSuite solutions and provides standard integration to keep the Sales Force Automation (SFA) database in sync with the marketing database.

RightWave’s successful integration practices give the sales department the information it needs to prioritize who’s active, real, and ready to buy.

The RightWave team has proven expertise and skills in setting up one-way or bi-directional integration with CRM systems like Salesforce and NetSuite.

Project Management

Project Management

The traditional view of marketing has been that the staff members develop creative ideas and struggle with project management. Project management is often seen as a science best suited for product development and building construction.

With the advent of marketing automation, the concept of marketing is changing and project management is now an integral part of marketing operations. Organizations make significant improvements if marketing teams are empowered with better project management and gain control over their projects. However, the struggle to balance marketing planning, strategy, and project management continues to be a major pain point for marketing experts.

RightWave’s customers gain from day one with better project planning, document and task management, project cost tracking, and improved ROI. Not only this, metrics start soaring with shorter timelines. RightWave’s systematic approach reduces overhead and facilitates optimal resource management by tracking real-time capacity and utilization. Timely delivery creates competitive advantage with newer and stronger campaigns and marketing initiatives delivered greater efficiency and ease. RightWave solutions empower marketing to create more deliverables without the need to make additional hires.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

The challenges IT organizations are facing today in maintaining a complex and dynamically changing IT infrastructure can no longer be supported by manual change control solutions. Tasks such as operating system updates, client refreshes, server updates and consolidations, and updates to the network require a precise and complete inventory of infrastructure components.

Effective change management processes and configuration management governance need to be applied in combination with tools that automate these tasks across IT. Many enterprises today have adopted multiple automated configuration management tools for their specific IT subject areas.

The introduction of configuration management databases by almost all vendors in this space has converged multiple technologies toward a common goal. A previously fragmented market has shaped itself into a very sizable space with clear leaders but still has plenty of room to grow.

RightWave provides both strategic advice and tactical assistance in the configuration management area.

System Administration

System Administration

The marketing software environment continues to grow in usage as well as complexity. Marketing operations teams need to constantly identify solutions to support not only the software but also the business.

RightWave’s system administration provides one-stop services with ease of system configuration, integration, and management. The teams anticipate customer needs and changes in business environments.

The systems administration services provide the following benefits in the short and long run:

      • System configuration
      • System management and maintenance
      • Industry-standard processes for systems and marketing teams
      • Bridging the gap between the marketing and technology teams
      • Making the best use of available resources