New data solution for B2B marketers launched at Oracle OpenWorld this week

At the expansive Oracle OpenWord Conference currently in progress in San Francisco, business-to-business (B2B) marketers are learning about the Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) small and medium businesses (SMB) solution launched this week. ODC SMB provides marketers with self-service syndicated and custom SMB audiences. More than 100 million contacts in 1.5 million companies can be accessed based on criteria such as the number of employees, financials, purchasing patterns, and more. The product meshes well with Account-Based Marketing by extending the reach in companies already targeted by the B2B marketer.

“Most data and tools for digital B2B marketing have focused on large companies while ignoring the millions of smaller companies who make up the vast majority of US businesses,” said Niraj Deo, Vice President, Product & Data Strategy, Oracle Data Cloud. “This SMB data solution levels the playing field for B2B marketers so they can identify, reach, and manage their sales and marketing programs for both large organizations and the smaller businesses who can drive their growth. By combining their own CRM data with Oracle’s syndicated and custom segments, B2B marketers can use advanced account-based marketing capabilities for this massive, but underserved, universe of SMBs.” (1)

RightWave assists its customers in all aspects of Account-Based Marketing (2) and Data Quality Governance (3). For more information, contact RightWave.


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