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Podcast: Interview of RightWave CEO, Anurag Khemka by Andy Jacob

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Dot.Com Magazine CEO Andy (Jake) Jacob talked with RightWave CEO Anurag Khemka about RightWave’s value proposition for B2B Marketing Operations organizations. Referring to Anurag as the “Father of Marketing Automation”, Jake delved into the services that need to be wrapped around any Marketing Automation system. RightWave provides those services, freeing up the customers to focus on strategy, messaging, and creatives.


During the interview, Anurag describes marketing operations spending and how expert operations and analytics can make this spending far more effective. Dependence on marketing operations has increased while total budgets have declined. Smart spending is essential; Anurag’s insights and advice provide guidelines for this strategy.

Podcast: Interview of RightWave CEO, Anurag Khemka by Ray Rike

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Recently, Anurag Khemka, CEO of RightWave, and Ray Rike, CEO of RevOps Squared, discussed B2B metrics. First, Anurag recaps his creation of marketing automation upon seeing informational discrepancies between marketing and sales teams. Marketing automation ensures that leads from trade shows be utilized by sales teams, and for marketing teams to further their marketing operations.

Marketing automation and revenue operations are methods that companies use to integrate different branches of their businesses, such as marketing and sales. Both of these methods allow for companies to internally align their goals.