Recent critical updates to Marketo Sales Engage, Sky and Bizible

Marketo, the largest player in the Marketing Automation industry, has been creating major buzz in the past few weeks. From acquisition by Adobe, to introducing some of the most innovative product features with the Fall Release, Marketo continues to lead the market in terms of customer acquisition and overall market share through its innovation.

A few weeks back Marketo put into place the Fall Release aimed at improving the customer experience and enhancing both user efficiency and insights. In this post, RightWave has handpicked some of the key features that will benefit Marketo B2B Users.

Marketo Sales Engage Introduced in the Spring Release, Sales Engage was visioned and designed to be the next generation sales enablement platform that aims to increase sales productivity and drive engagement. Marketo Sales Engage is now easily integrated with Salesforce Lightning. This enables users to build, deploy and use cloud based apps with almost zero programming. In addition, Sales Engage now includes extended support for Microsoft Office (now available for Outlook on Windows, Mac and even Web Applications for Office 365, a much-needed feature for Marketo users), better and improved admin workflows and real-time password validation.

Marketo Sky Also launched in the Spring Release, Sky was positioned to help marketers setup marketing campaigns with better and efficient customer engagement. With the Fall Release, Marketo Sky has been refreshed and revamped with design updates that includes new colors, layouts and typography. The Design Studio has been revamped too with the ability to see landing pages and email templates in the list view and perform bulk actions for assets like creation and to drag-drop images/files. To enhance user efficiency, campaign sensitive information like schedule are now available on the Marketo Activities home page.

Bizible The Fall Release also includes updates to Bizible, a company acquired by Marketo earlier this year. This marketing attribution and planning software now offers single sign-on capability and a simplified set-up process. Bizible Discover, an analytics platform, is now generally available for Marketo users.

The Fall Release is significant because Marketo not only aimed at improving customer efficiency but also took customer feedback very seriously to enhance the product features..

RightWave has successfully assisted its customers with the ability to make better and efficient implementation and usage of the new features in Marketo. If you need more information, please contact RightWave.

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