RightWave Honored as a Super 30 Company by Silicon Review

RightWave has achieved another milestone. The company has jumped up and reached the list of Super 30 Companies of the Year 2018 in Silicon Review. After receiving the designation “Hot in Silicon Valley“ in 2016, Rightwave has now reached to the Top 30 companies.

Anurag Khemka, President and CEO of RightWave, has been a pioneer in the space of Marketing automation. He was named in B-to-B Magazine’s Who’s Who 100 in CRM. Anurag has 25 years of experience in Marketing automation and its solutions.

RightWave is serving its customers under the leadership and guidance of Anurag, providing the best possible solutions for marketing problems and increasing return on investment in marketing initiatives.

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Improve the Lead flow quality with Maas: Rightwave

For more information, visit the Super 30 Companies of the Year 2018 post.

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