Salesforce announces new products for the pandemic world and beyond is a powerful new product from Salesforce. The market-dominating customer relationship management (CRM) vendor also just announced a product for public health agencies.

Complementing its sales, support, and marketing tools, is Salesforce’s entry into the management of employees and contractors, and is focused on the post-pandemic world (1). With more than 100 physical offices around the world, Salesforce is well aware of the challenges companies face in keeping employees and customers safe while continuing to provide services (3).

The announcement in early May was followed quickly by the May 16 introduction of features in for Emergency Response Management for Public Health including patient contact tracing (2).

On May 19, Salesforce provided a two-hour conference about its internal safety measures and these new offerings (3). Archive recordings are available at How To Reopen Your Business And Community Safely With Work.Com.

B2B marketing organizations typically use a marketing automation system such as Marketo, Eloqua, or Hubspot while their counterparts in sales use Salesforce. Thus, these companies have in-house Salesforce licenses and expertise. The marketing group may see benefits in encouraging their companies to invest in To obtain assistance with integrating marketing automation systems with Salesforce, B2B marketers can Contact RightWave.


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