Silicon India article: Challenges in Calculating Marketing ROI


Appearing in Silicon India magazine is an informative article: B2B Marketer: Challenges in Calculating Marketing ROI written by RightWave CEO Anurag Khemka.

The focus is on the beneficial changes brought about by marketing automation. These changes have the potential to move marketing from a cost center to a profit center. Marketing activities have always brought sales opportunities into companies, accelerated the sales cycle, and improved revenues. Until the adoption of marketing automation, these results have been nearly impossible to demonstrate and measure.

Just having a marketing automation system is not enough to demonstrate the positive impact of marketing activities. The metrics provide marketing with the information needed to increase investment in productive activities and reduce investment in those activities that do not improve revenues. The next step is to make that investment shift. The second benefit of marketing automation is demonstrating which sales are marketing sourced and marketing accelerated; reports and dashboards are needed to make this information visible. These extra steps require services surrounding the automation tools

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