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Our Solutions

RightWave offers comprehensive and extensive solutions in Marketing Automation, CRM and Data Management. Backed by industry veterans, RightWave has been a pioneer in the Marketing Automation space providing cutting edge solutions for increasing the return on marketing and CRM investment to B2B companies since 2004.

Marketing Automation as a Service™

RightWave’s innovative approach to marketing automation – Marketing Automation as a Service™ (MaaS) – provides B2B companies the ability to have quick and successful adoption without traditional lengthy and complex implementations. It allows marketers to do sophisticated campaigns while RightWave manages all the technical marketing operation aspects. They get the most out of their marketing and CRM applications, build deeper intelligence about their prospects, and deliver high-impact marketing. The RightWave team ensures campaign success and visibility into the entire lead-to-sales lifecycle while giving complete control to marketer with robust reporting and analytics. With MaaS, marketers experience markedly-increased ROI, faster results, better productivity, and full 360° view. They create successful marketing; RightWave delivers successful marketing automation.

Today’s CRM and Marketing Automation solutions are complex, requiring multi-channel integration and high levels of expertise to setup, configure, and run. Because the B2B buying cycle often lasts months and spans multiple touches across many different channels, time spent on implementing systems must be minimized. No B2B marketer can afford an additional six months to implement, train, hire, and develop the internal processes to run applications before launching the first campaign. With RightWave, they don’t have to wait.

RightWave offers marketing automation solutions on three platforms – RightWave’s own proprietary marketing platform, Marketo, and Eloqua. With this approach, no matter which marketing platform is selected, RightWave has a solution customized and defined to meet the marketer’s needs.

Customer Relationship Management expert David Raab writes:

“One of the main reasons that marketing automation has not been adopted more quickly is that too few marketers know how to fully use it. For example, a Gleanster report found that 73% of top performers listed lack of skilled staff as one of the top challenges to success. Marketing automation vendors have adopted different strategies to deal with their problem, including making their systems easier to use, offering extensive training, and providing services to run the systems for their clients.

RightWave has taken that final option to an extreme: it doesn’t even give clients the option of running the system for themselves. Instead, RightWave offers what it calls “marketing automation as a service,” gives each client access to staff members who will set up and execute campaigns for them.”

Read full report by David M. Raab here »

With RightWave, the marketing automation solution is easier and campaign launches are faster with ensured data quality, successful integration, and accurate reporting and analysis. Overall marketing costs go down, resource constraints go away, marketing productivity goes up, and marketing ROI and sales success increase.

MaaS for Marketo

MaaS for Marketo

Marketo is a popular marketing automation platform with a growing market share. The Marketo platform is not just-feature rich, it is also fairly complex to operate. Due to the complexity and technical nature, many marketers fail to leverage all of its capabilities.

A RightWave study found that typical marketers spend 60-70 or even 80% of their time in logistics and technical issues when using a self-serve marketing automation platform. They frequently get stuck with how-to questions. How can they get the most out of the powerful Marketo tool? RightWave’s MaaS for Marketo solution empowers marketers to implement their marketing strategy effectively.

The RightWave team includes highly specialized marketing automation professionals with extensive experience across industries to help implement both creative and technical projects using Marketo. The result is higher productivity for the marketing team and increased returns from marketing investments.

As Marketo experts, the RightWave team knows the INs and OUTs of this powerful tool. The team aligns its abilities with the customer's business expertise and delivers efficient and successful implementations that empower the customer to win. RightWave can help achieve the following as quick wins:

  • A smooth-flowing Marketo platform with process optimization and regular check-ups
  • A hassle-free production environment that lets marketers focus more on strategy, planning, and messaging. The RightWave team will handle all technicalities of Marketo implementation with best practices and expertise.
  • Advanced analytics to indisputably show increased marketing results, improved lead-to-sales conversion, maximized returns on marketing investment, and marketing influence on revenue.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of the marketing team

  • Cool-minded environment that lets marketers think more about strategy. The RightWave team handles all hassles in Marketo implementation with best practices and expertise.
  • Increased marketing results, improved lead-to-sales turnover, maximized marketing dollars, and improved marketing ROI and overall revenue
  • Increased efficiency of the marketing team

  • Complete program setup, testing and execution
  • Web-forms, landing pages, HTML, CSS expertise
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Multi-stage drip/nurture campaigns using Engagement program
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Mobile responsive email design
  • Personalization based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic info
  • Social/SEO/SEM tracking
  • Multivariate testing and optimization using Marketo’s inbuilt A/B test functionality
  • Segmentation management

  • Lead nurture
  • Lead status management
  • Sophisticated lead life cycle modeling using RCM
  • Lead Scoring
  • Custom Lead Source Tracking from web

  • Optimize deduping to minimize duplications
  • Data cleansing, standardization
  • Derived field
  • Manage all data fields for consistency

  • Custom reports and Dashboards setup in RCA
  • Daily/weekly/monthly management reporting
  • DB profile and activity analysis with integrated data from both Marketo and SFA
  • Campaign ROI, marketing influence, reach analysis etc.

  • Integration with Multiple CRMs
  • Administration and configuration
  • Integrated reporting

  • Integration with third-party tools like – GoToWebinar, ON24, WebEx, RingLead, etc.
  • Automated bad, junk, role-based and disposable email filtering
  • Training and support

  • Marketing Database Services – Data Append, Enrichment, and List Builds
  • Strategic CRM Consulting
  • Consulting
  • Lead append, standardize, and verification services

MaaS for Eloqua

MaaS for Eloqua

Eloqua, a product of Oracle Corporation, is a major force in the high end of the marketing automation industry. In early 2015, VentureBeat market analyst John Koetsier published data (Read the Koetsier report here) showing that Eloqua is the #1 product by customer revenue with 26% of the total market. The product is designed for companies committed to continuous improvement of the marketing-sales chain. Its Revenue Performance Management model keeps the focus of every module and task on the customer’s top-line financial success. How do you get most out of this powerful tool for your business? Are you ready to be amazed with your Eloqua? You are at the right place, we are here to help you! RightWave empowers marketers help in implementing the modern marketing strategy effectively. This results in growing net new revenue through Eloqua. Our team has highly specialized marketing automation professionals with extensive experience across industries to help you implement both creative and technical projects using Eloqua.

We have expert and highly experienced team here at RightWave. Being Eloqua experts, we know the nuances of this powerful tool. We align our abilities with your business and deliver successful Eloqua utilization that will empower your staff’s ability to succeed. We can provide the following benefits:

  • Process Optimization and regular check-ups
  • Expert Advice
  • Support
  • Commitment to provide the best solutions with the best practices
  • Advanced Analytics

  • A smooth-running Eloqua platform with process optimization and regular check-ups
  • Confidence that the Eloqua implementation is sound so that you can spend your time on strategy and creative marketing. Let our team handle the details of your Eloqua implementation with our best practices and expertise.
  • Increased marketing results, improved lead-to-sales turnover, maximized use of marketing dollars and improved marketing ROI and overall revenue.
  • Increased efficiency of your marketing team.

  • HTML Email Building with static design
  • Mobile Responsive Email Design
  • Plain Text Email Design
  • Multi-stage drip/nurture campaigns
  • Personalize Emails based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic info

  • Static landing page creation
  • Eloqua Form creation with custom CSS and JavaScript or jQuery
  • Responsive landing page design with Eloqua’s guided feature
  • Personalize landing page content based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic

  • Seed Nurturing
  • Inquiry Nurturing
  • Marketing Qualified Lead Nurturing
  • Recycle Nurturing
  • On boarding Nurturing
  • Customer life cycle Nurturing

  • Demographic Scoring
  • Behavioural Scoring
  • Geographic Scoring
  • Named Account Scoring

  • Optimize deduping to minimize duplications
  • Data cleansing, standardization
  • Derived field
  • Manage all data fields for consistency

  • Daily/weekly/monthly management reporting
  • Campaign ROI, marketing influence, reach analysis etc.
  • Standard Eloqua Reports
  • Custom reports like ROI, Reach Analysis, Gap analysis, Marketing, Sales, Social media influence Reports etc.
  • Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

  • Integration with Multiple CRMs
  • Administration and configuration
  • Integrated reporting

  • Eloqua Program Setup for Webinars, Trade shows and other marketing activities
  • Eloqua Campaigns creation to run various business rules
  • Salesforce/NetSuite and Eloqua integration and optimization
  • Eloqua Smart Campaign Optimization
  • Various Eloqua plugin installations
  • Custom lead source tracking
  • Training and support

  • Marketing Database Services – Data Append, Enrichment, and List Builds
  • Strategic CRM Consulting
  • Consulting
  • Lead append, standardize, and verification services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Without successful CRM implementations, companies cannot provide a complete 360° view of their customer behavior or deliver true ROI. CRM systems like Salesforce are very sophisticated platforms and require long implementation and customization cycles followed by regular review, updates, and maintenance so they can model your business workflows and satisfy changing business requirements. Usually CRM systems like Salesforce do not have sufficient features and flexibility for “top of the funnel” marketing database management and running the campaign workflows that modern marketing requires. Resultantly most organizations need both a CRM system and a Marketing Automation system. Keeping these two platforms and their data in sync is another important task that the systems and operations team must perform.

Proper integration of the two systems is vital for sales in order to have real-time behavioral intelligence they need to sell more effectively – the ability to view/track prospect activity whether web activity, email campaigns or other marketing efforts right from their sales system. Most marketing platforms provide integration and this visibility into leading CRM systems.

The RightWave team has expert knowledge of Salesforce and can provide a range of services on this platform from administration, configuration, customization, and integration to day to day operations. We offer both retainer-based engagements to supplement your in-house operations experts and time-and- material based projects to help support specific initiatives.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

RightWave has deep knowledge of Salesforce Automation (SFA). We can help you implement an optimal (SFDC) implementation, manage and administer it on an ongoing basis, and develop connectors that will keep your SFDC sales database in sync with your marketing database which is being constantly updated with information from your marketing campaign activities including email and web monitoring.Salesforce

RightWave can help design and customize your SFDC instance and tailor it to your needs and business processes. If you require, we can take over the complete management and administration of your installation. This may include the following steps:

Review your existing CRM methodology. Review all existing customer, lead and prospect data systems. Discuss, recommend, and determine how existing methodology and systems can be utilized or integrated with your new SFDC installation.

Review and understand your business and reporting requirements, and your processes for sales and marketing, lead generation and nurturing, data input and output. This will ensure that your SFDC installation matches your business needs from the very beginning, and you are able to receive measurable results from day-one. We will not only consult with you on best practices for using SFDC effectively, but we can also help you implement things like ownership assignment rules, lead filtering, development of external triggers and notification to ensure an efficient sales process.

Our experienced consultants will help you design, implement and deploy all customization required in SFDC. We also work on data migration and data integration issues including development of any data connectors to your existing systems. This means that all your company data is readily available in your new system.

As required.Our team can do complete project management for you, or work as valuable resources as part of a large team that you manage.

RightWave offers ongoing support, administrative, and data maintenance services for your SFDC instance to ensure that once implemented, your CRM system remains seamlessly integrated into your changing business needs. We can help ensure that your data remains correct, up-to-date, and relevant; and that the system adoption is broad and effective providing you a high ROI. This may include following services:

We support all aspects of your SFDC installation including administrative services. We will ensure that your installation continues to operate as designed, and grows with your business growth. While we proactively monitor to avoid glitches, in case there is an issue we will work with SalesForce support to resolve the issues on your behalf. We will also provide first line of email support to your SFDC user community for any training, process, application help, and how-to type of questions.

Our highly trained developers can build custom business process flows, configuration applications, and integrate external systems with the SFDC platform. Our expert resources can be available to you as and when such requirements arise.

We offer data standardization, cleansing, and data append service by which all your new leads are cleansed and important data appended on an on-going near real-time basis within your SFDC instance. This valuable service provides incredible efficiency gains for your sales force, and business users. Optional data validation, and data dedupe services can also be added to make your data even cleaner and much more effective.

Our rule based scoring and ranking engine can be seamlessly integrated with your SFDC installation to score and rank all leads, opportunities, and accounts to help assist your Sales force prioritize their activities, and drive effective nurturing marketing campaigns.

Our eMarketing Consultants can be valuable resources to help increase efficiency of your marketing managers. Self serve CRM systems require lots of time and effort in campaign implementation, testing, result gathering, reporting, data normalization, data import and export etc. Our eMarketing consultants work as an extension of your marketing team to take care of all these time-consuming tasks and logistics, so your marketing managers can focus on strategy and planning.

RightWave’s RightData Normalizer

RightWave’s RightData Normalizer (RDN) is a Cloud-based Service that provides a comprehensive Data Quality Governance (DQG) marketing and sales data solution. RDN cleans and updates the data back to SFDC, Marketo, or Eloqua in near real-time.

Included Features

       ● Data Cleansing and Normalization
       ● Data Enrichment and Append
       ● Data Quality Measurement and real-time monitoring
       ● Advanced Campaign content support function

RDN is available for Marketo and Eloqua and is highly customizable. RDN is available as SaaS software and an optional service bundle for operations/maintenance.

What does RightWave offer with RightData Normalizer?

Clean Database by reducing non-actionable fields to manage specific quality goals

Better Segmentation Ready 
     ● Firmographic data can be appended on leads for better segmentation
     ● All segmentation-related fields can be standardized
     ● Fields like Job Role and Job Function can be inferred
     ● Strata fields can be created and managed
     ● Better, faster, reliable for lead qualification

Multiple lists lookups scoring and assignments
Partners, competitors, Fortune 1000, Global 2000, External Rest Application Programming Interface lookup

  • Salesforce Integration is required
  • Leads to Account Matching – All Account leads can be seen under Account Object in Salesforce.
  • Advanced customizable matching can be done (fuzzy Account name, domain, region, country, etc.)
  • Account-based personalization for leads is allowed

  • Get alerted in near real-time for data quality lapses
  • Easily customizable for any custom business logic (Simple JS based logic)
  • Reduce load on your CRM and Marketing Automation platform
  • Obtain low total cost of ownership, as software and Service integrated hassle-free cost includes successful deployment, ongoing operations, and maintenance with guaranteed production deploymen

  • All business logic is customizable- Business logic can be executed on record-level data or aggregate-level data matched with other information in the RightData database. A simple standard JS script is available for customization.
  • Any number of input and output fields can be configured from Marketo and SFDC (Any number of Webhook functions)- Depending on what data is needed by business rules executed, SFDC data may or may not be required
  • Normalizer can run in Synchronous or asynchronous mode
  • Update is done via webhook return values in real-time with no API usage (Optional update back to Marketo via a Bulk REST API)

1. A large number of basic and advanced services available out of the box:
       ● Data cleansing/normalization – Country, state, industry, company size, etc.
       ● Inferred data – Job Role, Job Function
       ● Categorization services
       ● Lead to Account Matching
       ● Multi-column lookups to any integrated datasets
       ● Complex Scoring
2. Any number of custom services can be built with very easy self-serve customization including complex business logic.
3. Advanced Marketing Campaign Services
       ● Send a dynamic QR code in the Email
       ● Send a dynamic content PDF attachment in an email
4. All self-serve and real time deployment
5. Future: Advanced reporting and attribution support across Marketo & SFDC   

Pricing is based on transaction usage and requirement. Right Data Normalizer offers the following subscription plans:

  • Free Trial
  • Pay As You Go
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Enterprise