Rohit Kumar Thakur

by Amrish Singh on July 8, 2022 , Comments Off

Rohit joined RightWave in October 2012 as QA. Later he also joined the RightWave ServerAT team and also took some responsibility for the Marketing Team. Later he was promoted to Team Lead and now Rohit is Manager of Server Admin team handling all the company infrastructure which includes US Data Center, Noida Office, Doon Office as well as all Servers, Company Website, DNS servers, Firewall etc. Rohit has expertise in VMware, SQL Server, Pfsense Firewall, Windows servers, WordPress, domain and IP configurations etc.

Prior to joining RightWave, his experience included development, Process Associate, Accounts & Data Processing. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from Magadh University. Rohit enjoys doing photography, listening to old music, and driving.


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