5 Actions to Increase Marketing Operations Impact

Webinar: 5 Actions to Increase Marketing Operations Impact on Business Value

As B2B Marketing organizations adjust to the new normal, including lower budgets, reduced buyer engagement, decreasing pipelines, changing buyer journeys, and recently updated messaging and Ideal Customer Profiles, B2B companies must adapt quickly.

Reduced revenue forecasts typically result in decreases in paid advertising, subscriptions, tools, and sometimes, staffing levels.

Efficiency, doing more with less, while increasing effectiveness has become the rule for Marketing Operations. Executives and managers will succeed by becoming familiar with and implementing industry best practices for increasing the business impact delivered by Marketing Operations.

Please join Anurag Khemka, RightWave CEO, and Ray Rike, RevOps Squared CEO, for a conversation based on recent research on Wednesday, May 27th at 10am Pacific Time.

Key topics will include:

  • Recent research highlighting the operating reality for Marketing Operations
  • Identifying and enhancing high-value tasks while eliminating lower-return tasks
  • Using automation and targeted outsourcing to increase efficiency and effectiveness

In this 45-minute session, participants can actively participate by submitting questions to the two experts. Suggested solutions will be based on both years of experience in Marketing Operations and extensive research.


Anurag Khemka

Anurag Khemka

President and CEO, RightWave, Inc.

Jacky Hood

Account Manager, RightWave, Inc.

Ray Rike

Ray Rike

Founder and CEO, RevOps Squared

Thank you for your interest in this webinar. This recorded webinar is now available for on-demand viewing. Please click below to view online now.

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