Commitment to Highest Quality

RightWave is committed to providing the highest quality of solutions and services to its customers over the years. With “Attention to Detail” and “Commitment to Customer” being our top two Company Core values, we provide extensive training to our employees on quality standards and methodologies. Our belief in “Continuous improvement in terms of quality and effectiveness” and importance of consistency is part of our culture. This continuous pursuit to excellence has led RightWave to the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Information Security and Data Protection

RightWave is committed to securing and preserving the privacy and integrity of its customers’ information and their data. We understand that the confidentiality and security of the proprietary information and all operational data is of critical importance to our customers’ success and their businesses. We have taken extensive measures to ensure that the confidentiality of this information is preserved, and only authorized access is allowed and tracked. This section defines the security procedures adopted by RightWave for providing and ensuring multi level security to its customers’ data. All RightWave Locations are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

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  • RightWave’s data, information store, and application servers are located at a remote location data center in the US with secured and restricted access.
  • Access to RightWave data center is controlled and monitored through dependable and dedicated firewalls to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access to the data center and servers is secured through VPN network with dedicated monitoring and authentication.
  • Only authorized personnel have physical access to the servers which is controlled through security procedures like security card access and video surveillances.
  • Data transmission happens over authorized, secured and dedicated VPN networks only.
  • RightWave’s core application is tested on world class security solutions and is well tested against any unsolicited usage and access.
  • RightWave has dedicated application servers for all its custom applications unless specifically asked for.
  • RightWave adheres to standards based application development procedures.
  • RightWave follows a strict protocol of testing custom applications through a dedicated team and process.
  • All RightWave applications are regularly and periodically tested against any data loss caused due to infidelity or otherwise.
  • All RightWave proprietary applications are customized as per customers’ needs.
  • RightWave applications are secured through encryption and multi-layer login access to ensure access through authorized credentials only.
  • Our multi layered application and data access is controlled through IP, Domains and Login constraints.
  • All system access is governed by authorized named access through two-step authentication.
  • All customer data is stored and secured in separate databases.
  • Customer database access is protected by individual and controlled login sessions.
  • RightWave maintains a strict procedure to ensure periodic backup of all customer databases.
  • Database backups are managed and destroyed as per the backup protocols and maintenance procedures.

All RightWave employees in the US and India are required to sign non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements. Each employee is bound by the terms of the agreement that restricts and prohibits unsolicited use and/or sharing of any proprietor or customer information at any time during the employment and for a fixed tenure after the employment is over.