Webinar: Significantly increase the ROI of your marketing by improved Data Quality Governance

In a recent report published by Demand Gen Report (DGR)* 83% of the respondents said that their data is old and outdated; and 64% agreed that they do not have enough customer data. While 80% thought that maintaining data quality is marketing’s responsibility (shared with sales), 71% could not implement effective data quality process because of the lack of time and trained resources.

Most analysts also agree that the cost of operational inefficiencies and lost opportunities due to data quality issues is much more than what enterprises spend to address the data quality issues. For marketers, bad quality of data (like duplicate, incomplete, inappropriate, or non-standard information) in the marketing database may result in:

  • Inability to create right segmentation for targeting and better engagement
  • Wrongly qualifying a lead leading to sales discontent and lost sales opportunities
  • Not knowing how and where to grow the database to reach the addressable market
  • Not being able to analyze sales and behavior data to identify buyer journeys or personas
  • Poor reports and ability to measure ROI of marketing initiatives


Anurag Khemka

Anurag Khemka

President and CEO,
RightWave, Inc.

Jacky Hood

Account Manager,
RightWave, Inc.

Are you one of the 83% of the B2B marketers who are having above pain-points? Join RightWave CEO and long-time Marketing Automation pioneer Anurag Khemka for 45 minutes on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 9 AM PT/12 Noon ET for a live webinar to learn:

  • What are the most common marketing databases quality issues
  • How to improve ROI of your marketing efforts significantly with better data quality
  • How to increase your target segments’ effectiveness with a few simple tasks in less than a month
  • How to identify gaps and buy data most cost-effectively
  • Data Quality Governance (DQG) best practices, time tested strategies and case studies

All registrants will be provided with a comprehensive check-list to measure the quality of their Marketing database. All attendees will be added to a drawing to win a free comprehensive professional consultation and data quality assessment. This will include analysis of your current database, creation of a DQG plan and cleanup of up to eight most commonly used segmentation fields in your database (A US $15,000 value, certain limitations and qualification rules apply**).

A recording of this webinar is now available, click below to view on-demand.

RightWave’s Innovative Marketing Automation Services include comprehensive Campaign Execution, Data Quality Management, Marketing Operations, and Reporting/Analytics solutions. RightWave supports your choice of Marketing Automation platform including Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, and RightWave. RightWave’s focus on innovation, quality, and productivity coupled with our domain expertise and extensive experience. maximizes our customer’s “Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)” significantly increasing both sales and marketing effectiveness. Contact us to discuss if you are experiencing any pain points in your marketing technology infrastructure or day to day operations.

* Courtesy Demand Gen Report Survey. Click here to get your own copy of this report.

** You must represent a B2B organization using SFDC and either Marketo, Eloqua, or RightWave Marketing Automation to be eligible to win the free assessment and consultation. You must provide explicit consent to participate in the drawing, and agree to provide cooperation and appropriate access/resources to complete the assessment.