Salesforce Summer’19 Release for Sandbox

Salesforce summer release’19 is making summer cool with some interesting features. Salesforce’s Summer’19 release dates depend on the customer Instance as usual. The feature released for Preview Sandbox first on May 3/4, 2019 and for non-preview type Sandboxes on June 14/15, 2019.(1)

What’s new in the Summer Salesforce release?(2)

  1. Switching to the Lightning Experience:
    Salesforce is switching on the Lightning for all Org’s in Winter ’20 (October 2019). It will be heavily encouraged to transition on Lightning before the update, although Customers will be able to access the classic version. This will be listed under the critical updates section.
  2. Enhancing the Related lists:
    Salesforce has extended the customizing power of related lists, allowing customers to show up to 10 columns, resize and sort those columns, perform mass actions, and wrap text. This power will be in the admin’s hands.
  3. Sending surveys will free of charge:
    Salesforce survey functionality that updated Salesforce records as responses were recorded on the survey sent by users to their customers. This is incurring a license fee.
    However, they are being made free to send and change depending on how many responses are received after the initial free limit.
  4. Update Sales Quotas on single click:
    There was no way to update the sales quotas within Salesforce. Before this release, Sales Quotas had to be updated via API or the data loader or Apps. Now Admins and Managers can easily update quotas selection and click tool directly from within Salesforce.
  5. Merging feature added:
    Salesforce is adding the new functionality of account merging up to 3 case records. Previously, this was managed by custom development or AppExchange Apps.
  6. Set milestones and enjoy with Confetti celebration:
    This is a very interesting and nice addition to the release. A user can add a confetti celebration once an Opportunity sales path (Or any other path), hits a certain stage. This can be added on any stage where the user wants to celebrate the milestone achievement. He/she can also choose the frequency of this too.

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