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Webinar: 5 Actions to Increase Marketing Operations Impact on Business Value

As B2B Marketing organizations adjust to the new normal, including lower budgets, reduced buyer engagement, decreasing pipelines, changing buyer journeys, and recently updated messaging and Ideal Customer Profiles, B2B companies must adapt quickly.

Reduced revenue forecasts typically result in decreases in paid advertising, subscriptions, tools, and sometimes, staffing levels.

Efficiency, doing more with less, while increasing effectiveness has become the rule for Marketing Operations. Executives and managers will succeed by becoming familiar with and implementing industry best practices for increasing the business impact delivered by Marketing Operations.

Key topics include:

    • Recent research highlighting the operating reality for Marketing Operations
    • Identifying and enhancing high-value tasks while eliminating lower-return tasks
    • Using automation and targeted outsourcing to increase efficiency and effectiveness

5 Steps Forward to Growth

A key topic covered is why Marketing and Sales alignment is needed to attain optimized productivity.

The majority of B2B SaaS companies are forecasting these new realities:

    • Increased customer churn
    • Decreased new customer acquisition
    • Reduced revenue growth and
    • Reduced operating budgets

These realities are addressed in the webinar in the context of the larger picture of 21st century B2B commerce. Based upon research recently conducted by the two companies, RightWave and RevOps Squared are sharing the 5 Steps Forward to Growth.

Significantly Increase Sales and Marketing productivity by better Data Quality Governance

During this 45-minute webinar, viewers will learn:

    • Measure your organization’s data quality
    • Learn key components of CRM and MA Data Quality Governance
    • Determine what quality issues have the greatest impact on revenue
    • Justify the investment in data quality improvement
    • Develop an on-going data quality maintenance program

Seven Key Strategies to Drive Success with B2B Account Based Marketing

During this 45-minute webinar, viewers will learn:

  • What is Account Based Marketing?
  • Its current status of implementation and adoption.
  • 7 strategies or tactics that you can apply to increase success with ABM.

All you need to know about CASL and Opt-in Compliance in 30 minutes

During this 30-minute webinar, viewers will learn:

  • Everything you must know about CASL
  • An overview of other prominent International Anti-Spam laws
  • Timeline and potential impact of non-compliance
  • What should you do to satisfy most of these legislations*

Strong Data is the Key to Great Marketing

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • How to trust collected data
  • What constitutes a marketing database
  • How to build a strong database of customers and prospects
  • How to make marketing data actionable

How to Know When It’s Time for Marketing Automation

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • The limitations of e-mail marketing
  • The benefits of 360° view reporting
  • How a defined lead-management process improves the bottom line

Is Your Marketing Automation Working For You?

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • How MaaS can work for marketing, rather than marketing working for the automation tool
  • How to rapidly adopt key system capabilities
  • How MaaS makes it easy to run sophisticated campaigns

Accelerate Sales with Great Lead Nurturing

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn:

  • Lead nurturing basics
  • Steps to quality lead nurturing success
  • How to include customer nurturing
  • How to integrate marketing automation technology

Eight Effective Practices of Quality Lead Management

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn how to:

  • Identify successful lead management steps
  • Create the right lead distribution process
  • Align marketing and sales teams
  • Establish quality data and integration practices
  • Bring lead nurturing into focus

5 Marketing Automation Shortfalls to Avoid

During this 30-minute video, viewers will learn how to:

  • Successfully utilize resources
  • Address data management and marketing database challenges
  • Deliver proper integration with other CRM systems
  • Establish true 360° view for accurate reporting and analysis